Who we are

Spike Labs a 360 degree partner for the implementation of complex projects in various industries/business sectors, creating dedicated company vehicles or entering the share capital of existing ones, providing staff augmentation and IT implementations with world-class software and service experience.

The company is powered by knowledge, research, and perspectives through which it enables its clients to transition to a digital enterprise by leveraging Cloud, Analytics, Digital, Infrastructure and Security paradigms and helps structure and execute operational strategies in an effort to achieve intended business outcomes.

Helping Companies achieving their business goals

We start with low value-added processes, initially offering simple cost savings and then we proceed to standardize and scale those processes through digitization. During this process we create value for our customers.

We are a System integration company that helps to implement very specific business processes.

Unique system Integrator

Spike Labs is a unique international system integrator with high technology and ability to listen to your needs in order to tailor the best customized design, and comprehensive know how on innovative technologies such as Business Process Management, Containerization, Cloud, Data Management, and a skilled team proficient in Operations, Spike Labs can offer the best solution to improve the efficiency of your Business, enhance your Network Performance and Manageability, and at the same time reduce costs.

Make more innovation happen

Our management is the best way to turn ideas into innovations and in the end creating value which is very crucial for any company to grow by improving internal business processes through creating new business models, or developing new company vehicle while putting in head competitive dynamics of technology.

What we offer

We develop individual projects from scratch.

We are using our technology to develop a unique CRM that will digitize a specific business process to fit your needs and help you achieve your major business goals. We create effective and targeted solutions for each client and partner, through the maximization of human technologies and processes and the development of customized strategies on individual needs.

We make it happen

Business Outsourcing

We know how challenging it is for our clients to find competent technical experts. Our professional services department specializes in the area we know best; recruits and provides talent augmentation for our customers.

Our staff will work on your projects while keeps you on track and lets you know the KPIs, how much we have spent, how many hours each week we have devoted, what it costs, and how much you have left in your budget as a means of cost-cutting.

System Integration

We facilitate you to be more competitive through updated technology tailored to you to improve the system to be able to perform new tasks of the company and increase your operational efficiencies to make you more productive and better connected to your operation process.

Software maintenance and Support services

We are working on adding new features to fit your business needs, improving core products, fixing broken software while identifying improvement possibilities and transforming your software into a more exciting and efficient company vehicle .